Thursday, July 23, 2009

YOU touched her skin cells. WOW.

Meet Ellie. She is incredible and insane. But i love her to bits.  She's in New york NEWYORK right now and she just sent me this: : i went to the screening of the movie "unzipped" at the metropolitan museum of art and it was about isaac mizrahi and he was ACTUALLY THERE and he made this live interview thingy and he was ADORABLE and nicky hilton was there (b-list, but a celebrity nontheless).  I then lamely found a way in which Nicky Hilton would be the BEST person to meet... NICKY hilton is dating David Katzenberg, WHO once dated mary-kate olsen THEREFORE IN CONCLUSION, nicky hilton has MARYKATE'S SKIN CELLS. WOW. i would love to meet nicky hilton in this case :)

Mk is so much better. Look how cute and tiny she looks, compared to beastly huge Nicky... But thats just my pointless opinion.. we love mk :)

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  1. yeaaaah! even david look way better with MK as with nicky. this shows that tiny people are way cuter than huge barbie dolls ;D