Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alexa Chungggggg

So my 'muse' of the day, is the oh so cool alexa chung. I like her for quite a few small silly reasons, A) We NEARLY have the same name, and they sound very alike :) 
B) Shes absolutely adorable
C) she dresses amazingly, with very classic pieces just stuck together to make them look super fashionable
D) Her body is perfect . Thin and akwardly tall 
E) She's dating some dude from the arctic monkeys (which is pretty cool)
AND F) shes done something for herself! Made a hit show, 'Its on with alexa chung' and she gets pretty famous people and interviews them, asking them to do random shit.. very amusing :)
So overall shes pretty darn awesome, and manages to make everything look fun and easy, with style :) 

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