Monday, August 10, 2009

Tattooed to my brain once.

I have a slight obsession with tattoo's and decided to post some of my favourite ones that ive come across.. Well, not favourite, but ones that i found looked cool or were originally chosen!  I find tattoo's a perfect way of expression, and don't understand when people complain about them... Yes they can be tacky, when theyre colourful with sick dragon, and viking designs... BuT if they are chosen wisely, and follow the curves of your body perfectly, and actually express something meaningful to you, then why not flatter your skin, and make some ink part of your loved body. All i know is that i adore my tattoo's and cant imagine those parts of my body without the ink, as they have become one in the meantime...

Image 1- Catherine McNeil. It writes 'The day i die will be bar far the most beautiful day ever lived."
Image 2- Omahyra Mota. Not sure what they say... but they looknice :)
Image 3- Love, love :)
Image 4- Freja Beha (model). 'Serendipity is me' :):):):) my favourite word :) i eventually want to get it tattoed on me too... eventually...
Image 5-Suvi Koponen (model) "Imported" (under her right boob.)

Ah how i love tattoos.

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