Monday, October 26, 2009

Places to go- LONDON Sketch

During our stroll through London, Ellie told me about a cafe/bar which reminded her of me :) Even her mom told her to bring me there... So, after scraping through our change and calculating if we could afford a hot tea and scones we entered the famous "Sketch" on Conduit Street. The first eye-catching art piece is obviously the horizontally placed dog which is erected out of the wall... Next you enter the building as see Chairs merged and melted with the wall, calling out to you to take a seat... Finally entering the the 'Tea Parlour' you're overwhelmed with images of modern art and vintage couches stuffed in several different corners... decorated with lovely towers of scones and muffins! Tourists, elderly people, and young business women collect in this picturesque atmosphere, sipping their earl grey's out of china mugs, and scanning the art gathered on the walls. the 25 pounds for tea and scones was worth it, i assure you! I have never tasted better tea, and the scones were scrumptious... So next time you have some spare cash and you're in the mood for a perfect brunch pop into Sketch, and dont forget to have a look in the insane bathrooms!!!
-check website for "Sketch", insane graphic design skills!

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