Thursday, October 29, 2009

Post IT

I love love post Its. I use them everysingle day for lists, and to remind me to do things, and notes and everything. I go through a stack every 2 weeks or so... :) In 1980, when the 3M company introduced the Post-it, no one could have foreseen the effect the 3-by-5-inch Valium-colored rectangle would have on domestic life!
But artist Rebecca Murtaugh preferred to stick them all over her.. house! It took Ms. Murtaugh six days to cover her bedroom and all the objects in it with Post-it notes. She used the original yellow for areas that she said had less value, like the walls, and neon colors for areas of more value, like the bed coverings and the rugs. She spent over $1,000 at her local stationers, and titled the piece, “To Mark a Significant Space in the Bedroom #1.” Only five people saw the original, including her now-husband, who had gone away on vacation and returned to find the work in place.

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