Monday, November 23, 2009


“It all started when five guys walked into a bar...” and they soon made history. Formed in 1969, Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood joined The Small Faces - the band of Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones; since the newcomers were significantly taller, they dropped the ‘small’ and created The Faces.

Their success soared in the 70’s, earning them a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Teens were obsessed and in love with the crazy members singing about passion and their crazy shenanigans. In 1975 the group fell apart when Wood wanted a bigger bang with The Rolling Stones, so everyone went their own way.

Today, 34 years later, our Faces are back! Playing for the ‘Helping the Heart of Music’ at the Royal Albert Hall, thousands of fans sang along in nostalgia. Three original members rocked away in memory of the late Lane, as lead singer Stewart was absent, but was replaced by ex - Rolling Stone guitarist Bill Wyman who sang his heart out.

October 25th was a chance to re-live british lads letting go. In the true spirit of our Faces “I was glad to come, I’ll be sad to go, so while I’m here I’ll have me a real good time.”

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