Monday, November 23, 2009


In 1995 Michael Jackson was seen gracing the cover of Vibe Magazine wearing a mustard yellow sweater and a blue dude lid. This was clearly NOT his classic suit and sparkly gloves, but he posed in true Vibe Style.

Founded in 1993 by producer Quincy Jones, Vibe was known as the “Black version of Rolling Stone” and featured R&B and Hip Hop artists, entertainers and actors. It held interviews with all the biggest names in the industry from Beyonce, Tupac to Eminem and Notorious B.I.G. and featured models of all ethnicities. Even though it was one of the main music magazines, in June 2009 - on the eve of its 16th anniversary (ouch!)- it announced its end due to financial problems. Instantly forums and blogs mourned over the folding of this great magazine, as it was the latest victim of the media recession.

Thanks to Intermedia Partners, Vibe Magazine has been resurrected! Intermedia’s luxury magazine publisher has given Vibe a breath of life, placing greater emphasis on Vibe’s roots and pimping up the website. We can once again browse through the pages of the colourful magazine, and discover how Vibe has “chronicled celebrities, sounds, fashion, lifestyle, culture and the urban music movement.”

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