Monday, November 23, 2009


‘Faberge egg’ has become a synonym of luxury. The Imperial Easter eggs made by Peter Carl Faberge, were annual gifts from the Czar to his empress for 32 years- and these launched Faberge’s success.

By 1900, Faberge was the largest jeweler in Russia reaching London 3 years later. His work showed exquisite craftsmanship, making each egg a fairy-tale encasing a surprise. Spending months to perfect each technical and visual detail, he succeeded in producing timeless pieces.

Sadly Peter Carl died in 1920, and with the Faberge name being sold to an American perfumer for $25,000 in 1951, so did the prodigious company.

Now Faberge has flown back to stardom, with Pallinghurst Resources acquiring the Faberge trademarks unveiling a new collection on the 9.09.09 and presenting the world with Faberge’s original dedication to perfection, with a menagerie of gorgeous jewels.

Purchasing these wonders comes with a 21st century twist - Online ordering. You can browse through the official website and decide if its the $70,000 Red Hibiscus bracelet, or the $2 million Black Tulip ring that you want. Sounds simple? Tricky, as you can’t touch it, but don’t fret! You can organise a personal viewing.

So browse around the incredible website, witness the new collection that has “...instantly recognisable Faberge characteristics of a cohesive visual vocabulary...” and why not go ahead and ‘add to cart’.

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